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I was born into a workers' family on the 15-th February 1958. I'm married and I have three daughters, who all go to school.

The first six years of my childhood I spent in Kopli (one of the districts of Tallinn), then we moved into Mustamäe (one-other part of Tallinn). I went to 5 different schools in Tallinn and I graduated from Tallinn 2nd Secondary School in 1976. In 1981  I graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical Institute the speciality of physical education.
10 years of my life I have dedicated to sport - namely to swimming, where I have also accomplished something. 4 years in Estonian team, I have been Estonian champion for 5 times, I have improved some Estonian records and I have a number of less important titles.

I'm a self-styled islander, who has now lived on Saaremaa (the biggest island of Estonia) since 1981. All that time I have worked in the school. At first in Tornimäe Basic School as the principal and as the  teacher of physical education. Now I work in Leisi Secondary School as the economy and the ITC teacher. I started to work as the ITC and economy teacher because there was no opportunity to work as a physical education teacher and the school didn't have those teachers. So I started to study in Tartu Open University to become a ITC teacher. I graduated from Tartu Open University in 1998. I also worked one year in Kuressaare Gymnasium.
I have been the principal of Leisi Secondary School since 1999.

The interest of computers came thanks to the Junior Achievement's economy study program, because their economic model games use computers. As I had never used computers before I had the need to make the use of computers clear to myself. As ITC develops very fast I have to improve my knowledge and skills in this subject.


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