1.       Project calendar 2006/2007.

Approximate date




(in the case of mobility : from / to)


  • My School/My Town- Traditions and History- multidisciplinary Activities- Collecting Materials in order to produce a booklet and CD-ROM.
  • Meeting in England

In each partner school


Project Meeting in England

From each country to England


  • Circulation of draft papers and photos by partners.
  • Dialogue Reviewing phase
  • Winter Celebrations in Europe- How is the celebration, special food, when people celebrates, decoration, songs, presents- Producing a booklet and a CD-ROM

Sending Christmas greetings trough ICT and information about Christmas traditions.

Between partner schools



In each partner school


  • My Country Culture and History collecting materials about: most important aspects of history, most important people, monuments, art, music and fashion in different time. It will be produced a Time Line in a CD-ROM and a CD with folk music of each country.

In each partner school








Portugal will host a Head Study Visit from Latvia and a teacher interchange from England. Poland will host teacher interchange from Turkey and Latvia will host a teacher interchange from Poland.

From Latvia to Portugal

From England to Portugal

From Turkey to Poland

From Poland to Latvia


  • Turkey will host a teacher interchange from Portugal
  • Spain will host a teacher interchange from Latvia
  • Circulation of draft papers and photos by partners.

Dialogue, Reviewing & Preliminary editing phase

From Portugal to Turkey


From Spain to Latvia


All schools




         9 of May Videoconference

         1 to 5 May Project Meeting in Latvia


All the schools will take part

From each country to Latvia


  • Presentation of the time lines in classrooms
  • Exhibition/display of the final products in the community

In each class


Promoted by each schools

End of June to National Agency deadlines

  • Deadline for circulating English master version of the

Final Report in electronic form.

  • Printing of Final Report, Dissemination
  • Preparing of Reports to National Agencies





  • Submit of the final Reports to all National Agencies

Dissemination of the Final Report

In each countries

Any time - Discussion of preliminary observations with professional colleagues
-         On-line meeting if necessary
-         Circulating e-mails all the time

Updating the Project web site during all the academic year