Approximate date


(in the case of mobility : from / to)

Collecting materials and information in each partner school by teachers, pupils and parents. Final Product: booklet - “ My School” in two languages, mother tongue and English. 
In each partner school
24 to 28 October
Project Meeting
Portugal- School coordinateur
Collecting Materials about the project. Final Product: creation of the web site of the Project
In each School- Estonia makes the site
Sending Cristmas greatings trough ICT and information about Cristmas traditions.
Each partner school sends to all the others
Creation of the web page of each school
Each school
Collecting information about the town were the schools are located. Final Product- Booklet and a CD-ROM about “ My Town”. In mother tongue and in English
Each School
English version of the web site of each school
Each School
Collecting information by pupils, parents and teachers about theircountry
Each School
Teacher Interchange
English Partner School
9 May
Europe`s Day- Videoconference between partner schools
Partner schools that are able to do this
Production of a booklet and a CD-room about - “My Country”
Project Meeting
BOOK - “My school, my town, my country in Europe”
Each partner school
After November
Updating the Web site of the Project
All the partners send the materials until 15 of each month