1.   Aims/Impact on Pupils, Teachers and Community


   The main idea of this project is to promote the use of new information and communication tecnologies on the teaching/learning process from pre-prymary in order to improve this process and give pupils skills for being „digital learners”. Those „learners” will be able by themselves to learn differently by searching for information and producing their own learning materials. As an assencial aspect of the use of the ICT, multimedia and Web design/authoring, students are involved in the production of their own multimedia materials and are encouraged to exchange their ideas and experiences by using ICT and internet.

          Making links between the schools all the participants will be in touch with the different phisical and cultural characteristics of the nations that constitute the partnership and make part of the European Union learning and interacting with one another.

      Using ITC schools are invited to share the best practices in the use of this tool as an innovative method of teaching in a multidisciplinary way. 


We propose:

-         To promote communication between all the participants of the schools in the partnership using ICT- e-mail, internet and videoconference.

-         To stimulate schools in order to develop the expression of the students, teachers and parents, in a creative way, in the field of the information tecnologies to produce educational multimedia products that will be exchanged among all the schools involved.

-         To contribute to the knowledge of the different cultural and phisical aspects and characteristics of the nations that constitute this patnership, making links and interacting with the schools involved.

-         To foster enthusiasm for learning the languages of the different countries.

-         To prepare students for the European Citizenship with a common Identity Notion.

-         To explore changes in educational practices opening the classroom to the European Educational Systems.

-         To ensure equal opportunities for boys and girls in ICT independent of their religion, colour or etnic origin.

-         To adapt the project activities to enable students, with special educational needs to participate.


2. Activities


The participating schools will promote :

-         In-service training for teachers;

-         Focus on aspects of multimedia as a different means of communication and articulating knowledge.

-         Development of teaching materials.

-         Creation of School webpages.

-         Creation of Project webpage.

-         Learning by doing activities.

-         Active communication and on line cooperation for students, teachers and parents during the project including videoconferencing

-         Problem solving activities

-         Coordinating meetings.

-         Teacher exchanges.

-         Headteachers visits.


3. End Products

  This Project is prepared for three years of duration. Concerning the materials available in each school and also trying to acquire equipements,  the schools intent to produce, sometimes together, sometimes having their own productions the following end products:

-         Creation of the webpage of each school to present themselves

-         Creation of the web page of the Project

-         CD Rooms about many subjects

-         Video films

-         Booklets and books produced with the help of ICT

-         Book  „My school, my town, my country” – This end product will explain how schools involved used ICT from early years in the learning/teaching process in a multidisciplinary way.

-         Power Point presentations

-         Regular Videoconference between schools

-         Intranet and Internet communication.


4. Evaluation

-         In each school will take place a periodical evaluation reflecting about the results of the strategies and changing the procedures if necessary; it will be done through inquiries and direct observation. Trough the communication between schools we can also evaluate if the objectives of the project are being concretised.

-         Also in the co-ordinating meetings the results in each school will be discussed.


5. Dissemination


 The dissemination of the results of the project will be done mostly using ICT, Power Point presentations, Internet, Web Pages. Also at school on Exhibitions and Parent Meetings,  and in the Community on radio, TV and local press.

  We also intent to share our experience with other schools, in teacher`s meetings or teacher training sessions in cooperation with our local Authorities for Education.



6. Specific measures to facilitate the participation of:


-         Pupils with special educational needs:

All the project`s activities will involve  all the school community, pupils, teachers, staff including those that have Special Needs. If necessary we will adaptate the materials and activities to those persons.


-         Equal opportunities for man and woman:

The previous activities intent to promote an active participation of all trying that everibody that is working on the project aquire new skills in new tecnologies independent of the gender.


-         Promote intercultural education, combat racism/xenophobia:

Comunicating, learning, building and sharing knowledge all the participants that make part of the partnership will develop feelings of tolerance, respect and friendship between each other.


-         Facilitate measures for the participation for disavantage or socio- economic pupils:

The involved schools will look for strategies in order to allowed all those pupils to take part of the project.


-         Facilitate participation for disabled pupils and staff:

Materials and activities will be adapted in order to facilitate those persons to participate and give the Project their contribution.


-         Enhance the participation of minoryties:

Those pupils will have special atention in the teaching/learning process with new tecnologies. One of the aims of this Project is to introduce and give skills in ICT to the pupils in order to make them love to learn, so perhaps after some time working on this project, those pupils feel interested in „search knowledge” trough a computer that they can find somewhere.


7.  Distribution of Tasks.


All the activities will be planed in the first coordinating meeting before the candidature deadline. All the partners make suggestions and all together they agree in order to distribute the tasks.

The coordinating school- Portugal, will coordinate the work developed by all the partners, will ask some preparaory work in advance for the meetings and will have an active role, will keep comunication betwen schools, will make the aplication in English for the partners, remenbering deadlines to aply and will complete the final report made by all the partners.

Cooperating with the Coordinating School, the partners have the compromise to:

-         Concretise in each school the main ideas of the Project;

-         To promote teacher training actions;

-         To look for strategies in order to concretize the project, sharing pedagogical methods and materials;

-         Keep regular communication

-         Facilitate the equipments to concretise the final products;

-         To evaluate the project results in each school and then in the partnership;

-         To make the final report.


8 . Use of the Information and Communication Technologies:


Being a project specific for the use of the new tecnologies in the teaching/learning process, this Project as the main idea in using ICT as a tool to help pupils to learn better, in a creative way, searching for their own knowledge and producing their own materials. Developing skills and managing the communication and information tecnologies those pupils will keep looking for their knowledge even when they finnish school, in a long life learning perspective communicating and sharing with other Europeans.