My Class and School

Second step

The thing that we like about our class is that it’s one of the biggest in our school. A lot of students in our class go in for sport. There is also a big craze for collecting stickers in our class. There are some computer freaks in our class too. It’s great to be in our class because we have a chance to go to different clubs. There are a lot of good sportsmen in our class. There are more boys (17) than girls (15) in our class. Boys and girls have some lessons separately – physical education and handicraft. There are also students that get only fives. “5” is the best mark in Estonia.
Each class has its own room. Our classroom is on the 2nd floor. The windows of the room are large and under the windows there are radiators that keep us warm in winter. The students sit in pairs at desks. There is also a washbasin and a blackboard in the classroom. Besides ordinary classrooms we have studies too: a chemistry-biology study, a physics study and a music study. There are also smaller rooms for learning foreign languages. For manual training we have a handicraft classroom for girls and a workshop for boys.
Our school is big and in pretty colours. Our school has 15 classes (the sixth, seventh and eighth classes are parallel classes) and 27 teachers and 320 students. There are more girls than boys. We have 7 male teachers and 20 female teachers. We also have a swimming pool where we can swim in winter. For doing sports we have a big gym and a shooting range in the basement. A hairdresser, a nurse and a dentist work in our school. We also have a library in the building, where people can borrow books. Our school has 3 floors. There’s also a computer classroom with 13 computers, but altogether the school has 27 computers. Sometimes we can even watch movies at school. A lot of clubs work in our school: a sports club, a handicraft club, an art club, a folk dance club, a music club, a ceramics club and a traffic club. Our school has a big garden too.
The students come to school by school buses (there are 3 of them) or by long-distance buses. Some of the students walk to school because they live so close to it. The schoolday begins at 8.30 a.m. and ends at 4.00 p.m., but some schooldays are shorter. You become a student when you are 7 years old and if everything goes well the basic school is finished within 9 years. You can stay on at secondary school, which lasts for 3 years.
The first schooling started in Leisi in 1851. There have been several school buildings in Leisi. The first real schoolhouse was built in 1872, the next in 1927 and the present building in 1983. The present Head of our school is Tõnu Erin.

Here are two photos with participants – those who described their class and school. Form 6A and 6B.

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